Do You Want Your Ex Back? He Might Do Too, Here Are The Signs

Is my ex thinking about me? – The signs

If you’re wondering about whether your ex is thinking about you or wants to get back with you, use these signs to know the truth. But at the end of the day, don’t use it as an excuse to get back together. Almost always, failed romances never do work out a second time around.

#1. Your ex calls you often, even if you don’t hear their voice on the other end. This is dumb, but all lovers who miss their ex end up doing this, or at least dream of doing this.

#2. Your ex keeps any new relationships discreet. If they’re still in love with you, they wouldn’t want to lose the chance of getting back with you by publicly accepting that they’re seeing someone else.

#3. Do you see links to love songs or love quotes in your ex’s facebook or twitter updates? This is one of the boons and banes of social networking. Your ex can be discreet and yet, say a lot. But be wary of this because stalking around a facebook page or twitter feed can turn into a painful obsession.

#4. Are you web savvy and have a personal blog where you share your daily gossip? Big chances are, your ex will be lingering around your blog waiting to hear the next big thing in your life. If you have a stat counter that tracks visitors and you know your way around it, you’ll be able to track your ex in no time. But seriously, don’t bother doing this because you’ll have another obsession coming your way.

#5. If your ex still thinks about you or wants you back, they’re going to talk about you or ask about you through your common friends. And soon enough, the word will spread through the grapevine and you’ll know your ex has been paying a lot of attention to your life. But stay firm, and remember why you broke up in the first place.

#6. Have you bumped into your ex recently, out of the blue? Does this happen often? There’s a good chance this whole thing was planned ahead. You may have a ratty friend who’s sneaking out information to your ex or you may be letting too many people in the world know about your daily plans. Bumping into each other feels nice, but it’s not going to reduce the pain.


What to do when your ex thinks about you

Exes don’t stop thinking about their exes. It’s natural, and something that’s inevitable. Even if you’ve had a bad relationship, you can’t help but wonder if you’d get back and worry about the proverbial ‘what if…?’ But for your own good, block your ex from your thoughts even if your ex has been giving you a lot of attention or thought. It can seem harsh and painful, but that’s the only way to move on. And trust me, there’ll be someone who’s better and more compatible to you, waiting for you just around the corner.

You need to remember that by sticking around a bad relationship or an ex, you’re not allowing the love in your life to blossom into something happier and more fulfilling.


So the next time you’re wondering about the troublesome question, ‘is my ex thinking about me’, put that thought away because either ways, it’s just no good for you or your love life.


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