Domino Perfection. . . Holy Crap

This video is simultaneously stressful and immensely satisfying.

Anyone who has spent time on a boring afternoon setting up as many dominoes as they can to try and set off the world’s most awesome chain reaction that will totally impress Jenny from down the street and make her want to be your girlfriend knows that the payoff is very rarely worth the stress of not accidentally brushing something the wrong way and ruining all of your work.

That’s what makes this video of the world record holding domino wall all the more exciting: the payoff is actually worth it (especially because you get to just watch the finale without participating in the setup).

It’s astounding watching these people carefully and methodically building something so large and seemingly impossibly stable out of dominoes, but the real action is in knocking it down, which is made even more satisfying by the array of colors used in the wall, each of which actually makes it’s own sound as it falls.

To get the world record the wall has to not only be built a certain distance, but fall that distance as well. That doesn’t seem like it would be the hard part, but this wall was so well built that there are a few points where it actually looks like the wall has stopped falling, and my heart stopped beating with it. Definitely check this one out.

Author: baze 2shot

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