Don’t skip fatty foods

The number of people who want to eat more protein and turn away from fat is increasing day by day. Many of my patients avoid fat so much that even a small amount of it down their throat. Don’t let me down. For example, one of my patients wants to lose weight.

He said that many of his friends completely avoid eating fat, can they adopt this method?
I gave them the same advice I give to all my patients: “If you suffer from bloating, don’t give up fatty foods at all. The need is to balance your diet. Fish, poultry, Eat low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, vegetables, fruits, beans and bran.

This is not only the case with these patients, a friend of mine who was suffering from arthritis and arthritis. His doctor advised him that if he did not eat greasy food, his pain would go away. Following the doctor’s instructions not only increased their discomfort, but also reduced the amount of vitamin D in their body, as these vitamins are found in milk and fish, as well as fat. Which is why she had given them food.

Many people are not aware of the fact that fat is also essential for health. It keeps bones and nerves strong. In addition, fat strengthens the heart. However, it is important for us to understand the difference between fat. Fat is “bad” and fat is “good”.

The fat that comes from milk and dairy products is called margarine and ghee.
This fat causes heart disease. In addition, red meat fat is harmful to our health. It also causes cancer, joint pain and inflammation. It is beneficial for us, especially the fat found in fish (omega-3) which is an oxidant and removes toxins from the body. It does not allow bad fat to clot in the arteries. It keeps the pressure in moderation. Overall, it is good for our health. To stay healthy, it is important that we do not give up fatty foods, but eat “good fat” in the right amount.










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