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About companyDescription of the mission and goals of the company in the market of information and advertising services. The main vectors of the direction of interaction with the partner circle..Modern technologies have become the fundamental basis for the formation of new business niches in the form of social interaction of people in the field of information services.

An honorable and absolutely deserved place in which public figures took the leading unique, and most importantly, non-engaged content to their audience, due to which their subscription base creates fabulous demand and interest from large advertisers willing to pay millions for the opportunity to promote their goods and services or a brand from a blogger.

This market niche develops and scales exponentially, creating new socially popular personalities monthly, putting them on the lists of some of the richest people in the field of information services.We are a company, but before that a team of idealists in the field of advertising services, dividing and segmenting this market into several significant branches, which should be discussed separately.Part of the team is engaged in the introduction and maintenance of an innovative solution in the form of an advertising platform WebFlex24, allowing to unite, under its auspices, small bloggers and advertisers within one resource, where everyone discovers truly revolutionary solutions for subsequent interaction.Only on our site «small blogger» without the possibility of having an extensive subscription base, he has the opportunity to take his first steps towards dynamic growth and gaining experience, while interacting with advertisers who are ready to promote their products and services, buying massive postings from a significant number of bloggers.

This opportunity is indirectly aimed at promoting the ideological idea that not only a public person, but also an ordinary person can become a blogger:“- Are you ready? Try to take a step, and we will support you throughout this path!”The advertiser has the opportunity to promote their products and services based on their preferences in choosing an advertising site, using the provided sorting filter, which includes all the necessary criteria to select those bloggers who will form the maximum conversion when ranking the advertising material for their target audience.Another part of the team engages with large advertisers and bloggers, buying advertising from public persons with a large and solvent audience, using the generated capital from the acquired investment packages from our investors for resale to retailers, large companies and brands to broadcast their marketing activities.One of the factors ensuring a high level of the services we provide is a carefully selected composition of the company.Our team of experts daily monitors, analyzes and segments bloggers by interests, gender, geography, audience quality, and filters out accounts with bots, identifying more promising bloggers and groups on various social networks.Based on the analysis, we sell advertising to large companies interested in recognizing and expanding their personal brand or selling certain goods and services at a price set by you and our partners in the person of you.Forming a symbiosis from branches of various market segments, buying up and reselling advertising placements, we directly set our pricing policy for advertising support of large companies and brands, bringing profitability from the overall interaction to high monthly rates in the region 250 – 300%, for us and our partners.

Cooperating with us, you become part of the modern association team within one large platform WebFlex24.

WebFlex24 Link: https://bit.ly/2YUG9b1

Hashrange Link: https://bit.ly/32prm90

Miner-b Link: https://bit.ly/32prhSK

Doge Simpsons Link: https://bit.ly/32tm8cl

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