Eat pomegranate, and Look Young…

Geneva (Monitoring Desk) If you want a quiet Bazayed aging effects when I travel not to, brhapy look on your face Anna rkhayyy .’ayk pomegranate and sick, as saying the fruit not only of his pleasure This example is of the utmost importance in the prevention of age, but researchers say.
Found a clinical study in Switzerland, according to the stated process of re-use pomegranate cells to slow down the speed of travel of the old hy.aykul de Lausanne Federal Polytechnic Research effects of aging, which is a chemical in the fruit does not set on the body. Yurulythym said it was starting the process of a chemical or molecule cells recycle and reuse.
Researchers believe that this molecule is added to the diet of rats found that even in this period of his life experiences in increased by 45 percent people in the hospitals of different European countries hyn.mhqqyn that through this research, we have come a milestone with regard to the prevention of age, has come a great opportunity for human health.
The weak get rich fruit hyn.anar anti aksayydnts the process of being re-cell repair and muscle with aging is slower, which in turn affected the health of many organs that heart disease, inflammation, the risk of diseases such as aching joints, improves memory is low. The new study, published in the medical journal Nature.

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