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The use of spinach and dates during pregnancy is very useful for pregnant women. Eating spinach does not cause fatigue, diarrhea, shortness of breath, weight loss and anemia. Besides, the risk of miscarriage is also averted. The growth of the baby in the womb continues satisfactorily. Spinach contains a healthy balanced amount of folic acid, which causes red blood cells to build up in the pregnant woman’s blood, which in turn makes new blood. Birth helps to increase the quality and quantity of milk.

In addition, there is no doubt about the benefits of dates and its nutritional value, but the use of dates during pregnancy (on the advice of a doctor) is a very effective prescription for pregnant women.

Because when the palm in the Qur’an was in the womb for pregnant women, by the command of Allah, Hazrat Maryam was taken under a palm tree in the suburbs of Bahut-ul-Lahm, some distance from Proshlam, where she received fresh moisture during her stay. Keep eating (dates). This is the place where Jesus (pbuh) was born. This incident also indicates that the fruit of the palm is a complete food, therefore the Prophet (sws) was given the fruit of the palm during his mental and physical suffering. Was made.

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