Eat vegetables to get rid of diseases

In our country, vegetarians are generally considered very strange and eating meat is considered a sign of human progress and civilization, while vegetarianism is considered useless and wasteful for health and well-being, but all these things Despite this, the habit of eating vegetables is growing rapidly today.
In ancient and modern times, many celebrities have hated eating meat and have been fond of eating vegetables.
Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato also loved vegetarianism, although they did not abandon meat at all. Didn’t accept, for example, only rice, although ordinary vegetarians can stay healthy and happy by eating a variety of foods.

Today, vegetarianism is on the rise and people of all ages are eating it.

There are also different types of vegetarians. The first is the absolute vegetarians, who do not eat any kind of animal food and all their food is derived from plants. The second type is the people who eat vegetables with milk and milk products such as yogurt, cheese, etc. The third is the people who eat eggs in addition to all of them. Finally, there are partial vegetarians, who occasionally eat meat, fish, poultry and eggs, whether by force or for the sake of friends.
Some people only eat fish. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more attracted to vegetarianism for health reasons, because meat is also the cause of indigestion, various chemicals and infectious substances. Meatless since the last century. Knowledge of the virtues of food has also increased the habit of vegetarianism among the people of the West. Then environmental thinking has also promoted vegetarianism and attracted the youth towards it.
This thinking is based on the fact that feeding animals to plants and then getting meat from animals is a waste of land resources. By feeding two to ten pounds of grain, only one pound of edible meat is obtained. On the contrary, from one acre of land Ten times more plant proteins can be obtained, that is, much more than what is obtained from animals by producing fodder on this earth.
In the United States, 90 percent of soybeans, corn, oats, and barley are fed to animals. If these grains are eaten by humans, a large amount will be left over, then some kind of toxic substances may accumulate in meat eaters and become harmful.
Some people think that removing meat from human diet is against human instinct, although this idea is not correct. In fact, human beings are largely vegetarians and partly meat eaters in terms of their composition.
Our teeth are not like those of carnivores. The side teeth of these animals are long, strong and pointed, while the small front teeth are for tearing and cutting. Their jaws do not move left or right and that is why they They cannot chew or grind food, but consume it. Human teeth are very sharp from the front, which cuts and breaks the food, but the side teeth are small and flat, which move left and right and are used for chewing and grinding food.
Their purpose is to chew and grind mostly fibrous foods.
The human digestive tract is similar to that of a vegetarian animal, which is very long. It is twelve times longer than our body. It is for the digestion of fibrous plant foods which are digested slowly, such as salads. Vegetables, grains, etc. and these foods stay in the digestive tract for a very long time.
The digestive tract of carnivorous animals is short and only three times larger than their body. Because meat spoils and rots quickly, it must be digested quickly and excreted, and waste should not be allowed to accumulate inside, so if people with long digestive tract eat meat frequently, they will develop colon cancer. Will be at risk, which is common today in the West and among all well-to-do carnivores.

The longest period in human history has been mostly vegetarianism and still the lifestyle of most of the world’s population. Until recently, the situation was similar in the West, with a strong desire for meat, only a century and a half It is the story of the century, given further impetus by the prosperity of the twentieth century.
Meat is very popular in our country and the craving for skewered kebabs, herbs, nahari, halim and fried meat etc. has further increased its consumption.
It is noteworthy that only eleven developed countries eat 40% of the world’s meat. Do vegetarians live a long life? It is also a common misconception that creatures with strong bodies like humans cannot survive without eating meat. Elephants , Horses, oxen and the great beasts of the distant past, have been vegetarians and have been very strong and tough.
During World Wars, in countries where meat supplies were declining, vegetarianism improved health and reduced potential mortality.
Cardiovascular diseases were reduced at that time, but after the war, when the same food inflation became the same, the disease and death became the same as before. It will not be without interest that the people of Hunza Those whose diet consists mostly of salads are very long-lived and there is no doubt that the abundance of vegetables in the diet does not harm them.

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