Education privatization

Pakistan multilateral system is complicated travel to the privatization of public sector education to interpret the Constitution of Pakistan must put prnzr educational privatization guidelines for education policy and international law.covers struggle. State responsibility is to bring quality education to an education system that benefits reach the threshold of the disadvantaged segments of society as well as improve and reasonable with each passing moment.
Educational privatization has increased the number of schools which stand in the way of children learning has come from travel difficulties. According to the research results to 1999-2000sy increased 69 percent kr2007-08tk private educational institutions. 2007-08myn number of students studying in private institutions increased to 12 million, which was equal to 34% of the total number. The number of private institutions at the middle level is greater that 33, primary 23, high 19 seminaries, 16, Tactical 3, Higher Secondary 3, Degree College 2, Pre-Primary 1, and the number of university-level .2 percent in cities tadaddyhat of the private educational institutions is more than double. Mayartalym improved, increasing the number of teachers and students in regular contact with their parents, the future is secure. At a Survey (2008,2007) kymta according to the total of 4.1 million teachers, 44% of teachers from the private education sector in Pakistan has doubled the number works as a teacher in private educational institutions for women than men.Is. Educational costs and the number of girls than boys in schools is backward thinking. P .ays.ayl.aym 2011 survey of 2001 increased by 5.54 percent and the school enrollment rate for girls increased enrollment rate of 45 percent rate in 2009 increased 16 rhy.jbkh boys and 5.76 percent respectively. Was born on an army of trained teachers so that the teachers have to work in some of the most expensive private schools pay less than teachers.
The provincial governments of various aid programs for private schools as uucrsstm, worth commendable steps asdzrurt their effects and further improvements to the grassroots. Quality education for all children in Pakistan’s policy does not change the fact that until the government is not able to achieve the economic barriers to education.monitoring legislation aurzabth’s government will have to play their role for the appointment or Pakistan have serious difficulties ga.mjmuay as we look at the future of Pakistan’s efforts for educational facts ylyaka June the poet said, Is.
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