With the Elements Titanium Watch nobody will know that you are carrying a smartwatch

If you are looking for the latest in technology without sacrificing the elegance of a classic watch, the Elements Titanium Watch is your smartwatch

Elements Devices has released a new smart watch designed for those who demand an elegant device of classic shapes. With a diameter of 42.6 mm and a weight of 50 grams, Elements Titanium Watch combines the timelessness of its black leather strap with a simple spherical case in titanium.

However, it has numerous features of the most advanced smartwatches. For example, s u LCD touch screen allows you to view the keystrokes, given steps or messages. In addition, it can be controlled with wrist gestures and allows to recharge it in any place without having to connect it, only positioning it on the small base of which it is accompanied, that also is rechargeable.

Elements Titanium WatchDesigned with head

The key to its clean design is a 1.22-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen LCD that lets you control the entire device simply and intuitively. Thus, to access the menu simply slide your finger down your screen or from the right side to the left. In addition, it has a side wheel that allows to turn the screen on and off with a short press; And with a longer run the device or simply turn it off.

Another point to note of the new Elements Titanium Watch is that it is accompanied by a rechargeable base of 400 mAh that allows to recharge it (battery Li-Po 200 mAh) directly from her, although it is not connected. Due to its small size, it is possible to carry it in the pocket or the bag and, when it is magnetized, it is necessary to place the watch on it.

Featured Features

  • Wrist twist control

In addition to controlling the clock through the screen, it is also possible to do so with the movement of the wrist. In this way, if you turn inwards you can silence a call or an alarm. Instead, if done on the contrary, out, the display lights up. To go to the main menu, just shake the wrist. While to accept an incoming call, it is enough to shake once.

  • Free hands

As you have a built-in speaker and microphone, it is possible to take a call without having to take the phone out of your jacket or purse. Simply tap the screen or twist the wrist to start the conversation.

  • NotificationsElements Titanium Watch

In addition to being aware of the time and date, you can see on your screen different notifications: SMS and MMS, WhatsApp messages and updates of different social networks. It is compatible with both the Android platform (4.3 or higher) and with iOS (7.0 or higher).

  • Healthy life

Elements Titanium Watch has an integrated heart rate monitor for your heart rate and an activity monitor that counts the steps you take and records the calories burned throughout the day. Add to this its inactivity alarm and its ability to monitor sleep to keep track of the sleeping hours, as well as the quality of them.

  • Remote control

The new smartwatch from Elements also offers the possibility to use it as a remote shutter to take photos, check the schedule and control the music, as well as trigger your alarm and use it as an alarm clock. In addition, has anti-lost system that alerts us by sound warnings that we are moving away from the smartphone paired.

Finally, it provides vibration alerts for both notifications and incoming calls, and it locks when not in use, turning off the display to save battery power.

Elements Titanium Watch is priced at 99.90 euros.

More information on the Elements Devices website

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