Essential Bra Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Bras are very important part in ladies dressing!

Bras give ladies that extra boost and confidence. A bra can make or mar any outfit worn. Finding the perfect bra makes life a whole lot easier for a lady.

But sometimes, there are those iffy moments when the extra hack  is needed to elevate the perfection of already almost perfect bra. If you wanted bigger boobs but wasn’t born with it, don’t bother about surgery. Just check out my awesome bra hacks:

1. Racerback bras

Many ladies do have clothes with racerbacks. They look like this:

Black girl wearing racerback

Photo: AliExpress


You don’t need to go shopping for a racerback bra. Just use a paper clip and hold the straps of your bra at the back. Instant racerback bra!

Bra hack: racerback bra

Photo: YouTube


2. Get bigger boobs

If you weren’t born with the ‘milkshake that brings all the boys to your yard’ but want one, you can get it. Just wear a small bra. Then a bigger bra. Boom, instant bigger boobs.

bra hack

Photo: ListInspired


3. Cure Inflamed shoulders

Some women tend to have inflamed shoulders caused by bra straps. You can get rid of those marks or cure inflammation by simply placing silicon pads under the bra straps to absorb the shock/pressure.

Bra hack: Silicon Pad

Photo: YouTube


4. Halter neck bra hack

Want to wear a halter neck dress and still wear your bra with it? Get a bra with a detachable hand. Secure the bra strap on the front bra hooks. And you’re good to go.

Bra hack: halter neck

Photo: YouTube


5. Peeping shirt hack

Don’t you just hate it when you wear a button down shirt and your chest area is playing peek-a-boo with the guys? Just use a double sided tape to secure the opening. Place the tape inside the opening and press the other side onto it.

Bra hack: double sided tape

Photo: Amazon


Check out more bra hacks this video:

Via: OmabelleTV


Please comment any other bra hacks you know…..Share with Girlfriend!

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