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The time is passing very fast. Day, month, year. We just welcomed the new year and now the first quarter of the new year is coming to an end. Like every year, at the beginning of this year. You may have made some promises to yourself, some promises that this year you will definitely focus on your health to keep yourself fit and do something to improve your health, but then something happens that happens to yourself. All these promises are turned into promises and remain unfulfilled.

The result is that we continue to wish for good health, especially for women for whom their family is their first priority and their own health and fitness lags far behind, but remember that you take care of your family every time. You will not be able to keep yards unless you are mentally and physically fit and if you have a yoga or exercise plan to keep yourself fit and slim, then the following tips are for you. Are for

Be sure to follow these instructions before you start exercising.
Exercise 30-40 minutes five days a week. If you are feeling sick or tired, exercising during this time may cause the cortisol hormone to deviate from the protein in your muscles. Cause destruction and you start gaining weight instead of losing weight.

Get 6-8 hours of restful sleep daily. Switch off TV, mobile and computer before going to bed. Doing this will reduce your stress level and allow you to sleep soundly. It will help melt your body fat and repair and repair your broken muscles during the day.

To get the full benefits of exercise, it is very 9important to do it correctly. If you want to do zinning on a treadmill, keep it for 45 minutes to run on the machine and walk for 3 minutes.
Repeat this process as it burns fat and activates hormones.

Create discipline in life. Perform all your tasks on time. The human brain has its own biological cycle that works with the times of sunrise and sunset and against this system. Any changes you make can be very costly. Waking up at night and sleeping all day can have the worst effects on your health.

Control your diet before exercise. Strictly adhere to regular meal times. Avoid spicy and poultry foods and include at least one fruit and salad in your daily diet. Practice meditation to stay calm. Will strengthen the central nervous system and you will feel comfortable.

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