Eyeliner techniques – make-up

Most of the women seem to be worried that they can do their make-up very skillfully and practically, but while applying eyeliner, they will definitely get something wrong. It comes out ‘sometimes after applying eyeliner, its liquid instead of freezing on the upper surface of the eyelids’ flows inside the eye and turns the whiteness of the eye into ink or sometimes when applying eyeliner the hand starts shaking and instead The easiest and most effective way to avoid all these hassles is to always buy an eyeliner made by an authoritative and standard company and make sure that it is thick when you buy it. Uncle, it should not be too thin or too thick, and the eyeliner brush should not have scattered hair.

Before applying the liner on the eyes, practice applying it evenly in the form of long lines on the back of your hand, then draw parallel lines from one end of the eyelid to the other on the upper surface of the eyelids. Stay calm as much as possible, otherwise things can get worse in a hurry.

Remember that no work can be done in the best way on the first try, so start the practice of applying eyeliner several days before the ceremony so that the eyeliner will be applied in a clumsy manner at the end after make-up. Don’t turn the ink on your hard work.

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