Facebook is death by PTCL introduces, this small box and mobile companies, can be done? See details of the most amazing invention

New York (IANS) we have been hearing that Facebook and Google over the world are going to start a project to connect to the Internet under will be delivered live via drones and balloons in remote areas of the Earth . The dream to be connected 4 billion in the world has announced to an action of interpretation and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is because the introduction of the “open cell” technology is the wireless Internet ga.uyb site the ProPakistani report will be a shoe box-shaped hardware box that will provide 1,500 people from a range of 10 kilometers and no one will be able to live through that box.

According to the solar-powered cars will reach the consumer where the aircraft will be delivered from aykuyla (Aquila).

Aykuyla actually a drone that will connect people through high bandwidth laser beams (High bandwidth laser beams) Internet. The company will install on any kind of container poles or towers. According to Facebook, it is still not known when the going is expected to be taken up by Mark Zuckerberg will also inform us in this regard soon

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