Facebook introduced a new video service “Watch”

55% of the earnest earnings of the company will be given to the buyer while 45% will keep the Facebook account with them.For several months, news about Facebook video service was coming. Facebook has introduced a new service for Watch on YouTube and Netflix.

Watch has been introduced in a tab format in Facebook’s mobile application, desktop and TV apps. The content shown here will make Facebook’s participants just for Facebook.

Currently, many local shows and many traditional concerts are being introduced in this service for American consumers. 55% of the income generated from this service will be given to 55% of the buyers, 45% Facebook will keep you.

Facebook users can also save videos here, after adding videos here to their Watch List.Facebook users can search for videos based on Most Talk About, What’s Making People Laugh.

Facebook says they will soon release this service for more users and more partners. If you are also publishers, you can sign up for a watch platform by clicking here.

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