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During the month of Ramadan, it is our routine to get involved in arranging worships, family, Sahar and Iftar. For years, we have been discharging our moral and cultural responsibilities in the same way. There is absolutely no abomination in relieving fatigue, refreshing and even for skin care. Here are some suggestions.

Of course, you will also perform Tahajjud along with the five daily prayers. The secret of physical and spiritual well-being of human beings lies in this worship. Try facial yoga at some point in the day. Facial exercises, drinking plenty of water from Iftar to Sehri, getting enough sleep, raising your neck and looking at the ceiling, ie lifting your face, not eating chewing gum is a specific assumption that Eating chewing gum reduces calories.

Fees yoga can eliminate facial lines if you follow the advice of a yoga expert. If you do not practice yoga steps, more facial lines may appear.
There is no need to be afraid of face yoga. It is neither expensive nor harmful. If your face is called Chubby, reduce the amount of salt in your diet.
Your face cannot be slim if you add extra salt to cooked food. You should not make the mistake of considering a swollen face as a sign of health. You must apply aloe vera on the face. Eat in the form of food. Fruits, apples and honey will not be less than the antidote. Apply glycerin and rose water on the face to refresh the facial muscles.

How important is Do Face Slimming Milk?
V.Mask has been introduced in the market especially for these purposes. It has the ability to moisturize your skin to the inner layer. In summer you should drink more water but in Ramadan to hydrate the skin more. These masks can be applied.
Inflating balloons to remove double chin and facial fat is also the best exercise to inflate them.
You should inflate your chest in balloons and keep inflating. In this way your cheeks and chin muscles will be exercised and your face will change into attractive features. You can inflate 15, 5 or 3 balloons a day as much as you can. If your face stays swollen for a week to 15 days, it will improve and if you have full limbs, they will also start shrinking.
Whether it is facial yoga or other facial exercises, it is better if you continue them for 20 to 30 minutes seven days a week, but it is better to get information from your dermatologist about the specific duration of exercise.

Facial massage
You do not need to go to a beauty parlor for massage. Massage can be done two to three times a week. Light massage can be done for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Massage restores blood flow to the face. Keeps it transparent and gradually begins to age.

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