Facts You Need to Know About Head Lice Infestation

Facts about Head Lice and Lice infestation

1. On what and how long do head lice survive?

They survive on human blood. Without human blood they don’t survive. Even if they fall off the hair, they will find the hair and try to stick to it. However, they don’t survive for more than 2 days without blood.

2. Head lice is not a disease but lead to discomfort

Head lice are neither a disease nor cause any disease. Head lice can make you feel too itchy, embarrassed and uncomfortable. It creates a lot of discomfort and disturbs you a lot due to itchiness of scalp.

3. Head lice make the scalp itchy, dry and prone to wounds

Constant scraping and scratching makes the scalp very dry and itchy. This damages the scalp and leads to wounds, flaky scalp, etc. If not treated, this may also cause scalp infection.

4. Head lice infests even the clean hair

Having head lice doesn’t mean you are dirty. Neither your hygiene is compromised nor is your environment dirty. Head lice may develop even in the cleanest environment. Lice don’t care whether your hair is dirty or clean. So, don’t feel bad about yourself when you notice lice on your kid’s hair!

5. Head lice and nits

Even though you can eliminate the matured ones, it takes a lot of time to get rid of nits. Matured head lice and baby lice can be removed effectively in a few weeks. However, it is very difficult to get rid of the nits as they get struck to the hair and hair roots.

6. Head lice have high re-infestation rate

Head lice infest at a rapid pace. It is somewhat difficult to control the infestation quickly. If they fall off the head, they immediately rush for another head or hair for survival. Apart from this, without removing the nits, you cannot totally get rid of the head lice. If you don’t remove the nits, the nits hatch into baby eggs, grow, and breed on hair. It is a cyclic process and unless you kill and remove all the nits, you cannot completely get rid of head lice.Head lice

Using Anti-lice Products for Head Lice

When it comes to treating head lice, many people opt for anti-lice haircare products to get rid of the lice quickly. Some of these anti-lice products include,

  • Medicated anti-lice shampoos
  • Medicated anti-lice oils
  • Medicated lotions and cream rinses (cream rinses are not suitable for younger children)
  • Hair sprays

These products come handy to remove head lice. You can buy any lotion or spray recommended by the local pharmacist. Remember, you can use a lotion or spray only when you find the living louse. Otherwise, the sprays or medicated oils aren’t really needed. They are not much effective for nits removal.

However, to make it more effective you should use the product precisely, as instructed.

  • Use the product once a week or once in 10 days. Since it may contain chemical based ingredients or toxins, you can try it sparingly and on a holiday so that it doesn’t affect other kids negatively.
  • After applying the cream or lotion, tie the hair and wrap in a towel. It prevents lice from falling off and finding a new shelter.
  • It is recommended to stay away and remain idle until all the lice die and fall off into the wrapped towel. This is strongly recommended in case of severe lice infestation. This might take a few hours. Therefore, it is good to use such anti-lice products at night so that the dead lice may get collected into the wrapped towel and you may clean your child properly in the morning.
  • If you or your child doesn’t have nits on hair, you can remove the lice easily in two or three applications of such anti-lice shampoos, oils or other products.
  • Keep a watch and check for nits or any living lice after every 3 to 5 days. If there are nits or tiny lice, they may hatch and grow. So, using the OTC lotions may not be helpful to prevent the lice infestation.

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