Feng Shui – An Effective Source of Positive Energy – Home Decoration

The energy from natural phenomena affects human health, temperament, attitudes and thinking.
The waves of energy in the human body are rippling. This electric current is also based on our emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Negative, positive waves of our body affect the surrounding environment and people.
This energy is called Chi Energy. Similarly, the art of making better use of energy from the home environment is called feng shui. This knowledge helps homes to acquire positive energy and eliminate negative energy. It considers too much furniture, equipment, stores, cabinets to be an obstacle to positive energy.

According to feng shui theory, homes should focus on small items, open-air ventilated rooms, greenery and natural light flow.

Emphasizes the flow of natural light and the use of sunshine for most of the day. In China and Japan, these points are taken into account in everything from paper maps to the construction of houses to the construction of infrastructure. If you think feng shui If you know Humat, you are wrong. Ancient Greeks, Arabs, Roman architects have also given importance to air, natural light and water in their construction.
They also act as a source of openness and a positive impression.

The importance of passages and entrances
The doorway of the house and this entrance should be attractive because it is associated with your aesthetic sense. You want to make your home look clean, prominent, unique and beautiful. This desire is not an illusion. It is an expression of empire, but it is also a wonderful source of your aesthetic satisfaction.
Here you can keep small pots of your favorite flowers and herbs. They are a source of energy, resources, positive thinking and comfort in the home.
Importance of water feature
A steady flow of positive energy can be possible through a fish house or water feature somewhere in the house. White and green colors are important. Colors have their own importance for achieving positive energy.
The right colors should be chosen and used. By the way, different values ​​of red or reddish, purple and milky purple and green can be a source of energy, but white doubles the space and the feeling of openness. If the color cannot be fully adopted, then the walls painted with Ash white and other milky white colors can also be a manifestation of energy.

Roll up the spread
Spreading random house can cause diseases and misfortune. It is better to throw away old slippers, broken loot and other metals, wood and other useless items in the house. Especially metal under sleeping beds and candles. Don’t leave machinery and old items in the storeroom if you need them.
Don’t clutter the room with unnecessary carpets and furniture. Leave room for walks.
The airway is important
If you are using a room cooler or air conditioner but these facilities are not being used during the day, open the windows, remove the curtains and allow natural light and sunshine into the rooms.
It is also a way to refresh the room. The sun expels negative energy from your home. You get vitamin D and the fresh air moderates the temperature.

The importance of greenery and gardening
Whenever you go to a park with your elders and children, their open faces, smiles and sense of happiness will take away the fatigue of your mind.
You will smile yourself. This is an unseen realistic sense of positive energy! You can also create greenery and greenery in the interior and exterior of your home. You can make it possible to get energy. With such efforts, your mood also stays good. The effect of fatigue does not prevail and even at home, energy starts to be released.

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