Fennel strengthens the stomach

Fennel has been a part of human diet for many years. It is also used in kitchens with other spices. Fennel belongs to the celery family, the scientific name is Foeniculum vulgare. Fennel is used in cakes, biscuits, breads, sweets and jams. It is also used in fish, poultry, soups and vegetables. It is eaten for breathing, is useful for digestion and cleanses the blood.
It is anti-depressant, soothing and soothing.
Fennel tea is beneficial in insomnia. To prepare this tea, one teaspoon of fennel is added to two cups of boiling water. Cover the water and boil for another 15 minutes. Give it. After filtering it, drinking it in both cold and semi-hot cases gives relief.

If honey or hot milk is added to it, the tea tastes better. It is said to be useful to drink after meals or before going to bed. The pulp of fennel twigs has been declared effective soothing and soothing. ۔
Nausea, vomiting
Fennel three grams, mint three grams, cinnamon, cardamom green one gram. Boil in a glass of water, when a cup is left, it is useful to filter and feed.

Colds and flu
Half a teaspoon of fennel powder and hum weight is mixed and fed with hot milk.
Fennel, fenugreek seeds We prepare fennel by weight and feed one spoon in the morning and evening.
Take one tablespoon of fennel and turmeric in the morning and evening.

Fear, depression
Fennel five grams, Gulgaon tongue five grams, boiling a spoonful of honey in the morning to use the mouth is said to be useful.
Irregular digestive system
Fennel is useful for expelling odors from the stomach. It is usually used in the form of decoction with other auxiliary substances such as ginger, cumin and black pepper.

How to make a mess
Put a tablespoon of fennel in a cup of boiling water and then take it off the stove. Cover it overnight, filter the water in the morning and drink it with honey. It is useful for indigestion, especially when the stomach. Fennel is also used to reduce the feeling of hunger. Fennel is used to make food fragrant and to protect it from pests.
Fennel protects stale foods from spoilage. According to research by a Chinese physician, fennel is useful in improving the digestive system of children. Fennel also has properties similar to the female hormone estrogen. In this regard, it is useful for women. Doctors use fennel with diuretics to get rid of the discomfort. According to medical experts, fennel has a cooling effect and is useful for digestion.
Fennel is good for stomach as well as liver.
Useful for cataracts
Fennel is also considered useful for cataracts. In this disease, it is advisable to eat six grams of fennel in the morning and evening.
Fennel sharpens eyesight
Finely grind 100 grams of fennel, 50 grams of carrot seeds, 5 grams of black pepper and 50 grams of Egyptian powder and eat it with a teaspoon of milk in the morning and evening to strengthen the eyes.
Eating ten grams of fennel daily improves eyesight.
Useful in bloating
It prevents bloating and evaporation in the stomach, intestines and stomach.
For obesity
Boil a tablespoon of fennel in a glass of warm milk and drink it after half a hot filter to reduce obesity.

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