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Naturopathy (Naturopathy) Actually he is the name of all ways. The nature of the right and proportional diet as a matter of course, drinking drinking process and different ways of drinking water. The methods and natural herbs etc. The treatment depends on the ideology that every disease treatment is done natural or naturally. The therapist therapist believes that there is such a charity natural system within your body. Each disease can cure.
That means you should not need artificial treatment.
Its therapies treat you with the resources and power given to the power. The diseases near them are a natural process. These physicians first find this disease.

Due to the power of knowledge finds it through the strength of the growth. When a person feels permanent fatigue and depression, then the therapeutic therapist reviews different means.

For example, what is the patient’s diet. How is it a sleep? The density of the atmosphere is not affecting it, it is not affected. Is not the type of virus attack? What quality of blood sugar is. What is the condition of hormones. Depression ‘etc., believes that different kinds of emotions are influenced by our health and energy.

These emotions can be ‘Ekhov’ etc. Sometimes there may be several reasons for permanent therapies. However, the pressure and poor diet also produce the effects of permanent therapies. The alert or emotional pressure system enhances the body’s performance and weaken the performance of the entire body.
When we live in the effect of permanent mental or emotional pressure, our body does not get the rest of the body. Can maintain.
The pressure resulting in the body’s new storage is not generated and the body receives this energy from the body storage room to meet their needs.
It also comes when this store room is empty and as soon as possible, we have nothing to do. Through our health and energy gains. He cleanses clean and alcoholic etc.
More sweet things also harm our energy and health and we can not get them out of the clean and balanced diet.
Smoking and alcohol also damage the natural energy of the body. The effects of our life are on the symbol and symbol of our life. Due to which the whole balance is worsening and the same error of balance causes diseases.
The therapeutic therapist will examine your entire physical development and health (eg solid and soft body ‘mask or slim’ or filled body mask) all these are necessary for observation and they With the help of symptoms, they can know what is necessary for you in terms of your body’s texture.

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