First data of the new Surface Pro 5

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The first data from Surface Pro 5 tells us about a new version that does not bring any “dramatic change”. And that does not have to be bad.

Who was going to tell us not long ago that Microsoft was going to become one of the references in the sector of the tablets.

All thanks to having focused on polishing and improving the concept of the original Surface, capable of becoming a notebook with keyboard; Something that was not easy considering that the first models were a crashing failure.

The Surface Pro, a wine that improved over time

Surface Pro 4 was the true maturation of the concept; A highly recommended device capable of breaking topics on tablets and laptops. Microsoft even allowed itself to expand the brand with the Surface Book, a made-to-order laptop.

That is why it is so surprising that we have not yet seen the successors of these devices; It seems clear that Microsoft would like to continue promoting this brand, but in 2016 something went unnoticed.


Fortunately, it looks like 2017 will be another story. Rumors suggest that during the second quarter of the year an event will be held; In which the new Surface models will be presented.

These rumors have been confirmed by the journalist specialized in Microsoft, Paul Thurrott ; According to their sources, the characteristics of the next Surface Pro 5 are already decided .

However, Thurrott says that the new device will actually be a “Surface Pro 4.5”; The amount of news will be quite small and will continue the continuity.

The Surface Pro 5 would actually be a Surface Pro 4.5

In the hardware section, the big news will be the new Intel Kaby Lake processors, which will replace the Skylake Pro 4. We can expect improvements in consumption and heat emitted thanks to this, but not much more.

Surface-proThe change of Surface Pro 5 will not be “dramatic”; That also means that in terms of design, there will be small changes.

A somewhat disappointing detail is that Surface Pro 5 will continue to use the same proprietary Microsoft connector for recharging .

However, that does not mean that it will not include USB Type C and more connection options. In fact, the odd thing would be the opposite.

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Paul Thurrott @thurrott Surface Pro 5 will not change the Surface Connect power connector, I was just told. Kaby Lake, nothing dramatic. 21:18 – 6 Apr 2017
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