Want to have fit and hot body line? Here are 12 easy ways!

When it comes to weight loss, the smallest inspiration can have big effect. Therefore we researched the new studies and asked women’s how they have managed to get rid of excess weight. In the end we came up to 12 useful tips that are definitely worth a try.

1. Drink green tea – put the kettle on! Green tea (also known for its strong anti-cancer effect) makes the metabolism burn more calories, according to researchers at the School of Medicine “Baylor” from Houston.

2. Eat cereals – combine them with warm milk for breakfast. You can consume them as a substitute for lunch or dinner, thereby increasing the effect of your diet.

3. Drink enough water – experts never miss an opportunity to emphasize how important it is to drink water. Here is a reliable method: drink fluids with each meal and keep a bottle of water next to you so you don’t forget to drink, suggests Kimberly Glenn, dietitian from “Northside” hospital in Atlanta. By drinking water you avoid the mistake of replacing thirst for hunger.


4. Find time to exercise – “Since I go to the gym regularly I feel great,” says 37-year-old Pam Silvestri, a businesswoman from Dallas, who last year lost eight kilos. “The session of exercise is important to me as any other business meeting.”

5. Eat less and slower – foods that contain a lot of water or fiber fill the belly pretty quickly, say researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. This means that you will eat less omelet if you consume it with spinach than eating plain scrambled eggs.

6. Consume milk products – low fat dairy products are among the best foods for weight management, according to researchers from the University of Chicago, who for two years studied a group of women. Those who consumed the recommended daily dose of calcium (1,000 mg) and ate less than 1,900 calories a day lost an average of six pounds, while women who consumed the same amount of calories, but less calcium, get fat. Researchers speculate that calcium dissolves stored fat.


7. Change your morning habits – Boston public relations executive Sherry Moskowitz has replaced her daily morning coffee with whipped cream for a great cup of tea without milk. “On weekends I still treat myself with coffee, but during the week I consume the same amount of caffeine with tea, without adding fat or calories.” With this new morning routine she cuts about 250 calories a week.

8. The 30-40-30 scheme – one study form University of Illinois revealed that overweight women who ate 1,700 calories (comprised of 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent fat) lost 18 percent more fat than those who ate the same number of calories, but with a higher percentage of carbohydrates.

9. Avoid high calorie drinks – one can of soda or fruit juice has about five spoons of sugar and almost 150 calories, “says Dr. Neti Levin. Fruit foam, “shakes” and “enriched” coffee often contain from 250 to 500 calories, not including the whipped cream.

10. The law of the five – “Eat five minutes, put your fork down and assess the situation,” says Don Jackson, a nutrition and fitness of the “Institute for wellness” in Chicago. “Consider if you have turned on “automatic pilot” or you are enjoying every bite. Many times you are already full, but continue to eat (this comes from your childhood when you were told that nothing should be left on the plate).


11. Reduce alcohol consumption – Bonnie Littman, is a lawyer from New York who often goes out. “On weekends I drink a lot and eat dinner late,” she says. “To make matters worse, a close friend lives on the same floor, and he is my night partner for eating. Now I’m on a strict diet – I’ve lost 15 pounds since I changed my menu – and only occasionally treat myself with a glass of wine or a hamburger.”

12. Smart snacks – always try to have with you “harmless” snacks such as grapes, dried figs, almonds or apples.

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