Five Ways To Build A Relationship With Your Customer

Are you a business man?Do you have what it takes to turn your business into an empire whereby your new and existing customers keeps on patronising your products or services.
      The most important goals of any employee or a sales person,is to create and keep customers.If you lack the techniques of not a retaining a customer don’t go too far looking for expert advisor or paying for business seminars,because they are simple ways and procedures to follow if you want to keep and retain your customers for life.I will be listing 6 ways to get this done:
       Verifying the identity of your customer is very important at the start of your business relationship.Ensure that you have a robust customer take on procedure which enables the capture of all the relevant customer information needed to enable you to know who you are trading with.

person that you meet at an event, drop them an email,invite them for a coffees  and continue the conversation.
        Try to give a little more insight into you,who you are and what you like to do.This is where the real relationship begins.
2.Make Them Buy You:
·  Help them like themselves better and they’ll love you
·  Develop a genuine interest in and  admiration for your customers
·  Put them at ease and establish rapport
·  Crack joke where it is relevant and appropriate
3.Customers perception is everything:
  • Perceived service quality is the difference between what they get and what
  • Look at your business through your customer’s eyes
  • Beware of over-promising and building unrealistic expectations
  • Remember that a large part of good service is showbiz
    4.The  GOLDEN question-to win new customers:
    • Find out the unmet need of your customers
    • what is the business all about
    • Ask your customers and potential customers the golden question-What do you want in my product that has not been met
    • Show them new products that has the capacity to meet their need
    5.The PLATINUM questions-to keep customers for life:
    • Get feed back from your customers
    • how are we doing?
    • how can we get better?
    • Find out what what they feel about your serve

     Hope this helps?comment below lets relate!
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