7 Food You Will Always Find At Events In Nigeria

Nigerians don’t joke with party food!

Nigeria has many delicacies as diverse as our over 250 ethnic groups. This is why we could afford to get super creative with food. With how much food we’ve got in the country, some foods just have to become the standard for events of any kind.

#1.  Dodo

This is one of those foods uniting Nigerians against all that plagues us. Delicious fried plantain is the secret to unity.

Dodo/ Fried plantain

Photo: Oya Come Chop


#2. Semo, Fufu, Eba, Iya and Friends

These are popular swallow for those that like to stick to Nigerian’s Traditional meals.

Seme and Egusi soup

#3.  Jollof Rice

No event is complete without the king of Naija rice, Jollof rice. It’s so good, people will rate your event on how good the jollof rice was.

Jollof rice and chicken

Photo: Tourapex.com


#4.  Moi Moi

Whether you want to eat this steamed beans dish as a main meal or a side dish is up to you. You can eat moi moi alone. Or you can tag team it with jollof rice.

Moi Moi

Photo: 9jaFoodie


#5.  Fried Rice

Though not as special as the jollof rice, the fried rice holds it down at every event. You see people mixing it with jollof rice, just so they can have the best of both worlds.

Egg Fried Rice

Photo: TheWoksOfLife


#5.  Salads

With our fit fam craze, salads are a must have at every social function. Too many people ar watching their weights. Fruit, chicken, and tuna salads are common offerings at most events.

Nigerian Salad

Photo: Pinterest


#7 Small Chops

Small chops are usually served as appetizers. This includes puff puff, samosa, fried gizzard…etc.

Photo: Dealdey

What’s you favourite food at events?

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