Ford smart cradle transmits the sensations of a car to sleep better

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The Spanish branch of Ford has presented a product that seems more typical of the Day of the Innocents; A smart cradle that moves like a car.

Have not you ever slept in a car while traveling as passengers (I hope not as drivers)? That drowsy feeling is the result of the movement of the car; As if we were being touched by him.

The pleasant feeling of falling asleep in the car

Probably someone in Ford Spain was asleep after a trip when he had the great idea of ​​copying that feeling; And who needs more sleep than a baby? Of course, we take a ride with the car every time we want to sleep, it comes out a bit expensive and tiring.

That’s how Ford’s intelligent cradle, Max Motor Dreams, is born. At first glance it looks like a modern crib , and only the wood finishes with the Ford logo tell us that there is something else. According to the company, this crib conveys the same sensations as traveling by car (a Ford car, it is assumed).

How this smart cradle reproduces the sensations of a car


To achieve that special atmosphere, designers have focused on three keys:

  • The sound . A speaker at the bottom of the cradle reproduces the sound of a Ford engine; No, they have not recorded the sound of the exhaust pipe, but it is a slight sound, as if we were inside the car.
  • The movement . The cradle moves simulating the vibrations and the displacement of a normal trip. Curves and lane changes appear to have been adapted to a movement similar to that of a rocking crib.
  • The lights . Another aspect that affects us more than we believe are the lights; The included LEDs mimic those warm lights from the nightlights. They even turn off and light up as if we were circling and passing under streetlamps.

The union of these stimuli are what cause that drowsiness, as the designers of Ford have discovered. The effect is very similar to traveling in a night car, after a hard day.

Ford-cradleAn interesting detail is that, if we know that our baby sleeps with a particular route, we can register it with our mobile; And then, pass the data to the cradle to simulate the same journey we do in reality.

Ford has not talked about the price of this smart cradle; In fact, we do not even know if he plans to sell it to the general public. The official website of the project only talks about a draw in which those who ask for an appointment to try one of MAX cars, Ford’s family range, can participate.

But maybe the question we really want to ask is: Ford, when is a model for adults?

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