Forever Love Behind The Real Story Published As a Book

Forever Love real story, it sounds like a story from the Hollywood dream factory: A young woman loses her memory in an accident and can not even remember her husband attempts to win back her love.

In the US Romanesque drama “Forever Love” suffered a heavy blow in their roles Rachel McAdams (35, “A Most Wanted Man”) and Channing Tatum (34, “White House Down”). The newly married couple Love is torn by a traffic accident from her dreams: Paige (McAdams) has lost all memories from their time at the high school for a short coma. Also, her husband Leo no longer knows himself, The starts desperately to conquer the love of his wife again.

Forever Love Story Was Published As a Book

What sounds at first sight for a classic material from the Hollywood dream factory, actually has a true background. The film is based on the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, a couple from the US state of New Mexico, 1993 rose two just ten weeks after their wedding together in the car to visit for the first time as a married couple’s family. It was a horror trip.

After a week-long coma woke Krickitt on after serious accident and looked into the eyes of her almost uninjured man. “Who is your husband?” Asks the therapist a few weeks later “I’m not married” She replies for her husband Kim breaks at this moment a world together.

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He tried everything to bring back her memories. But soon he realizes: they are lost forever. Just like her feelings for him. The only thing he can do is to re-compete for her heart. He wants to keep his marriage vow and not give up his wife. There was a time full of difficulties, the two in the 1996 published book “Forever Love:.. She loses her memory, he fights again to her heart” impressively wrote down and received for posterity.

The doctors gave Krickitt then less than half a percent chance of survival and were sure that they would sustain permanent brain damage. But none of it has arrived. Today, the two are again happily married and have two children. To date, Krickitt can not remember the first marriage before the accident. According to statements of the two kept their faith in Jesus together they. Whether the film will take a similar romantic twist?


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