Freckles adorn faces with the moon – household tips

Freckles can appear on the face or sometimes the body and the main reason for this is sunlight. In fact, in human skin, melanocyte cells produce melanin throughout the body, which helps in maintaining the natural color of the skin. As the number of melanin pigments increases in any part of the body, small brown spots begin to appear there and the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause them to increase further.
To prevent this, apply sunscreen or sunscreen lotion on the face and body parts that are not covered about half an hour before going out in the sun to protect your skin from these harmful rays. The method is to cover your face well with a light colored sheet or umbrella etc. before going out in the sun.

If you are wearing a chador or hijab, do not use black cloth as black is more capable of absorbing ultraviolet rays than other colors which can lead to many skin problems.

Women who wear spectacles may also have dark circles on their face as ultraviolet rays from the spectacles are reflected rapidly and affect the skin. Such women should use contact lenses instead of spectacles. It has also been observed that freckles often appear on the face of women during pregnancy and after the birth of the child the body returns to its original state and the shadows. They heal on their own.

One of the main causes of iron deficiency is:
Iron deficiency is one of the main causes of dark circles on the skin. Therefore, you should include dark green vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, greens, cucumber, salad and cabbage in your diet. Red meat, egg yolk and sour Continue to consume fruits too. Eating foods rich in iron will stop the growth of dark spots on the skin instead of deepening them. Sometimes using standard branded night cream removes these scars but choose night cream only after consulting a doctor. In the meantime, stop using whitening cream.

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