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Doctors say that diet is better than cure, that is, for health and well-being, we should adopt methods to minimize the possibility of disease. People who stay sick day after day and always visit doctors’ clinics, They are more anxious. Sometimes due to ignorance and ignorance and sometimes due to negligence and carelessness, they make mistakes which cause their health to collapse and they have to suffer from such diseases. , Whose iron grip does not get rid of until death.

Modern medicine experts believe that the country’s fruit trees are the shops of pharmacists and doctors’ clinics, meaning that fresh and ripe fruits are a natural cure for hundreds of diseases and ailments.

People who include fruits in their daily diet and try their best to take advantage of these blessings of nature have to go to very few doctors.

The slightest defect in the machinery of the human body due to the requirements of age or some unfavorable conditions, is removed by the consumption of these topical seals of nature.
Most of the population of Pakistan consists of landlords. We have a feudal system. In this system, the farmers are so entangled in the cycle of helpless usury that they have no choice but to cover their bodies. A piece of bread is not a piece of bread to fill the stomach.

The peddlers usually sell very bad fruits, which some ignorant and naive people buy cheaply. Eating such fruits can lead to ill health, so people should buy these peddlers. Never buy anything from
It contains a lot of phosphorus. Apple is a very useful fruit for the brain.
People who suffer from constipation due to overcrowding should eat apples, as it is a constipating fruit.
It contains steel. It is very useful for tuberculosis patients. It is also found in abundance in some parts of Africa. They dry it, grind it and bake its bread. Oranges, lemons and Grapefruit is a very useful fruit for cleansing the blood and strengthening the stomach.
The vitamins found in them are very useful for strengthening the organs of the head. Lemons are also useful for patients suffering from joint pain.
Grapes produce a lot of blood. It strengthens the instinct of heat and makes a person strong. It is fun to have a heart and mind.
date fruit
The date palm is very sweet. It is often grown in hot areas.
Palm gives strength and is useful for heart and mind.
Pomegranate is good for heart and purifies the blood. It is especially useful for relieving heart and liver heat. Pomegranate juice is very useful for getting rid of bladder heat.
If raw lassi is drunk after sucking mango, new blood is often produced and it does not produce heat.
Pomegranate is a constipating fruit. Since it is produced in abundance, the poor are not deprived of it like the rich.
Fruit juice is widely consumed around the world. According to recent research, fruit juices are the best beverage. Fresh fruit juices are certainly healthier than juices that are blended with chemicals in bottles and cans. Locked and saved.
The great advantage of fruit juices is that they are easily digested.
You may have noticed that if you eat something else before eating, you lose your appetite. Fruit juices do not have this, they should be drunk before meals or between lunch and dinner. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Some people drink them before breakfast, which has good health effects.
Fruit juices help in creating appetite and digestion.
Malta, orange, seasonal, grapefruit, apple and mango are widely grown in our country. In addition, pomegranates, pears, bananas and plums are also abundant. (C) is a treasure trove. Too much cold juice has a bad effect on the stomach.
Be careful when using ice in the juice. It is better to keep the pot in the refrigerator instead of mixing ice.
Some people drink fruit juice before breakfast in the morning, which has a good effect on their intestines and stimulates them. Some fruit juices are stored during the season and then sold in bottles. Such juices have become common in our country.
They contain certain chemicals to prevent them from spoiling, but they cannot be compared to fresh fruit juices.
Some people become so addicted to fruit juices that they become addicted to coffee and tea. If they do not get fruit juices to drink, they feel very deficient. This habit cannot be called bad, because of the fruit. Juices are useful for us.
Fruits contain vitamins, minerals, salts and other nutrients. Fruits, whether fresh or canned, do not lose their vitamins.
Sour fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C (vitamin C). In addition, they contain sugar, calcium and acid and some rare ingredients. In all living things, the characteristic of vitamin C is that it provides our body with more Large quantities are required.
Our bodies are made up of cells, and the health of cells depends on all living things.

Our bodies are made up of cells, and the health of cells depends on all living things.
This vitamin is abundant in the juice of lemons. When the disease of scabies became common among the sailors of the west, they started drinking this juice and got rid of this insidious disease. Grapefruit also contains vitamins.
Potatoes are the best source of salad.
Vitamin C is considered essential for maintaining the health of our teeth and protecting our bodies from disease, especially to protect against tuberculosis (TB) during World War I by giving soldiers canned fruits and tomatoes. Juice was not available, but some fruit juices protected them from diseases such as scabies.

The uncivilized nations of the world that are still far from the light of the twentieth century and are not at all aware of the importance of vitamins C and vitamin B. These nations maintain water health with citrus fruits and beans and beans. These people who live in the air follow the basic principles of health and are stronger and healthier than the civilized nations of the world.
It was discovered in Hayatin (1913), but it was not possible to collect it in a special state before 1932.
Many fruits also contain vitamin B, which was accidentally discovered during the treatment of berry disease. The disease usually spreads to the eastern countries. Vitamin B deficiency leads to weight loss. Some neurological disorders develop and appetite is reduced.
If left untreated, the food is completely lost. Apart from some fruits, this vitamin is found in peas and beans, yeast, grains and liver.
Fruit juices do not contain fat, so fat people can drink them. Juices contain sugar (except lemon juice), minerals, iron and even copper. If the diet is unbalanced and poor, then fruit juice Addition makes it complete and useful.
You can experience this in everyday foods.
It is not recommended to drink too much sweet fruit juice. It can cause stomach upset. Such juice should be mixed with a little water. Pomegranate and potato etc. are included in this list.
The main benefit of fruit juice is the movement that they produce in our intestines. The juice has the same effect as plants and fruits.
Drinking them is very useful for constipation patients. Chronic constipation patients should eat fruits and salads instead of anti-constipation drugs. People who drink fruit juice are less known for their age. Fruit juice keeps them young. Their stomach stays clean and their skin stays fresh and fresh. For constipation patients, a glass of malt or orange juice is very beneficial, which they should drink every day before breakfast.
In this way, the feeling of fatigue and body aches are also removed from the juice. In addition, the spots on the skin are removed and the color is brightened.
Instead of using beauty creams (they contain chemical ingredients), you should drink fruit juice daily, which is rightly called Chashma Hayat.
Because fruit juices are high in water, another benefit is that they wash out our entire body system.

Because fruit juices are high in water, another benefit is that they wash out our entire body system.
We do not drink water until we feel thirsty, but fruit juice is drunk without thirst. It contains 80% water. This large amount of water cleanses our entire internal system, ie the blood, our tissues and cells, except the intestines, cleanses every organ from head to toe. Urine comes in abundant to the kidneys. Are also washed.
All the unnecessary particles and toxins are excreted in the urine.
Fruit juices are also useful in case of fever. If there is any kidney disease in which the use of salt is prohibited, then drinking the juice is still useful, because they do not contain salt or proteins (tissues).

Fruit juices diversify our diets. They contain sugar, yet diabetics can drink them. Fat people drink salads and fruit juices instead of heavy foods to lose weight. Will benefit
Fruit juice is the only thing in nature that can be drunk in both health and disease. You will definitely benefit a lot from fruit and vegetable juices compared to market and unbalanced foods.

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