Frustrating Issues Adults Living With Nigerian Parents Face

No one pray to live with their parents when they’re 27, 28, 30 or over. Many are left with no choice due to the unbearable conditions of the country and often find shelter at their parent’s abode. Living with a Nigerian parent as an adult comes with frustrating price you have to pay.

Here are some funny realities we can all relate to;

#1. When your mother still makes you eat only one piece of meat.

face dissapoint

#2. When your parents make you their chief driver.


#3. When your parents disturb you about marriage but get angry when you have a boy/girlfriend.


#4. How your parents see you when you try to tell them you’re an adult.

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#5. Your parents, when it’s 6pm and you’re not home.

phone call meme

#6. You, when your parents threaten to kick you out of the house.


#7. When your parents try to tell you what to wear.

confused 3

#8. When they make you pay bills in the house and leave the most expensive one for you.


#9. When they stop cooking for you and ask you to ‘sort yourself out’.

drives off

#10. When they ask you to drop fuel money for the generator but you don’t use the fridge and TV.

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#11. When your parents stress you for taking a small stroll to the junction.


#12. You, when your parents say “Remember to close the door” or “Don’t forget to take your plate to the kitchen”.

what is it

#13. You, when your mother wants to gist with you by force.


#14. When your parents still force you to go to church every Sunday.

the one about being tired

#15. Your parents, when you ask them to knock before entering your room.


#16. Them, when you try to move out of the house.


#17. How you feel when they travel for a while.


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