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The cultural trend of shalwar kameez is still prevalent in Pakistani clothes. But garlands are very popular at any festival or celebrations and now cotton and silk garlands are being made and worn in every saf. It doesn’t matter if the crowd is high or not. This is the reason why girls and women also wear this dress with enthusiasm. Even on this Eid, most of the girls wear this dress.

The garland is not really a new outfit. Let us tell you its history. Before becoming Pakistan, it was a special outfit for women of the Nawab family living in Muslim-majority areas, especially in the city of Lucknow. Then the women who migrated from India after the establishment of Pakistan, they used to gargle for a long time.

The dress of Fatima Jinnah and Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan has also been a garland, but with the passage of time, its use has become out of the list of everyday clothes. Ϋ”
But now, for the past few years, the fashion for garlands has once again become very popular. In the past, the same style of cotton and shiny garlands were common.
It was like a shalwar from the top but with a fringe on the bottom. A cloth about 12 yards wide from the knee to the lower part of the gargle was sewn with ants and a lace or a bell was put on it. The shirt was a little short. New style garlands, especially “garter paint” with long and high sleeves, frocks and heels, are being used in various fabrics such as georgette, silk, lady crepe, dress war, shirts, Missouri, cotton and lawn, etc. Readymade is also available.

Now the garland is not only limited to the wedding dress, but also for Eid, festivals, other celebrations and to go to the house of a Sikh friend, relative to meet the mail. If you have not used the garland yet. So, no matter what time it is, add a fabulous, traditional outfit to your wardrobe by choosing any elegant garland. Anyway, the wedding season is about to start after Eid, so you are the most unique in this outfit. Will see

Now the garlands worn in the normal routine are also seen in the bazaar, women and girls are also seen wearing them. They used to be worn in dreams or tissue but now they are available in all kinds of varieties. Now fashion is back.

It is important to mention here that the garlands that are in fashion nowadays are very different from the original garlands which have been made in different ways by distorting the original shape. Along with Eid and other celebrations, they are also adorned with blouses or kurtis. What to say if there is embroidery or gold work on the blouses or kurtis.

Although these three types of clothing are mirrors of ancient civilization, they are still worn with great interest in modern times. However, the traditional style of garland has changed. Let us tell you about the design and styling. Fit from above. And the friend garland surrounded by pinches is in line with the modern trend. It is considered as a formal outfit. Lace and floral ie embroidered shirt is also being worn with it.

The flapper style trend is also very popular among young women with the feet fitted at the top and open pinches at the bottom. It can be worn with both short and long shirts. They can be a part of the clothes. Anyway, the clothes are a mirror of the personality. We can make our personality more attractive and attractive through good clothes.

After Eid, now the wedding season has started, so these days women seem to be more busy. They are engrossed in the decoration of modern fashion and costumes. In wedding ceremonies, all women wish that they all Preparing mothers, henna, barat and wilayah is not an easy task but if the same work is done with a regular plan and suggestions for its preparation are put forward then it is sure to be a success and preparation. It is also done in a good and complete manner.
It takes a lot of time to get dressed for the wedding, as it is a very important event. It is prepared with special care. Some women like to wear sarees, lehengas, garlands, wide pajamas, flappers and maxi. Multi-shade lehengas and garlands are very popular nowadays, light work and exquisite embroidery (which is done at the border) are more common.
If the fabric is of good variety and embroidered on it, then the garment can become beautiful and attractive.
Take care of your budget when buying expensive and colorful decorations for the wedding. When choosing clothes for the wedding, make sure that they are not too glamorous, do not have to be expensive. Appropriate color and fabric must be durable. Girls like to wear bright colors on this occasion. They wear gold bangles or delicate bracelets in their hands which makes the beauty more radiant.

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