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Germany energy consumers paid to use power over Christmas as supply outstrips demand

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Wait, 85% of their electricity comes from renewable sources? What the fuck is Germany doing that America* can’t figure out?

An excerpt from The GuardianGerman energy consumers were paid to use power over the Christmas period, thanks to a slump in demand, warm weather and plenty of wind power on the grid, trading data shows.

Power prices slipped into negative territory on 24 December and again on 26 December, according to the website of the EPEX Spot, which is Europe’s biggest power trading exchange.

Germany’s massive investment in renewable energy – partially thanks to the introduction of the 2014 Renewable Energy Act – has in recent years triggered a drop below zero on several occasions.

*I honestly don’t know how other places like England, Australia, Japan, China, etc. are doing, I’m just going but what I know. How is your country doing on renewable energy? As shitty as America?

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