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Have you noticed a significant change in your child’s mood, behavior, weight, health or waking hours? Is there a problem bothering him or her? There is undue pressure, a feeling of inferiority, or neglect by family.
Parents often fail to pay attention to the symptoms that their child may need some psychiatric help. Frequent fluctuations in mood. Staying close and suddenly losing or gaining weight fast are important clear signs that your child needs help.

Teenagers are more likely to suffer from depression in general.

At this age there is a communication gap between parents and children which needs to be bridged or reduced. Usually parents assume that children will come out of this situation automatically or think that if If we take them to a psychiatrist, what will people say (the general way of thinking of parents in the Indian subcontinent)? After entering and giving them a handsome pocket money every month, all their duties have been fulfilled and all this is enough to keep the children healthy and happy. But all this is not enough. Children need the emotional support of parents and the reassurance that you will stand by them in every difficult hour of life. If you feel helpless and helpless over any issue of your child Don’t be afraid to take your child to a therapist or psychiatrist.

Give your child emotional support and help them get out of the difficult times of life.

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