Go Keyboard spying on 200 million Android users

A new report states that the Google Apps Store stores under the Key Keyboard can make applications that spy users. The developer’s statement of developers of this board application is contrary to the allegations that they do not collect personal information about the user, including credit card information. Developers say that they consider consumer privacy.

The number of users of Goki Board applications is 200 million. It is being said that the applications are able to communicate with dozens of advertising networks and third-party trackers. Users install information about the installation of these two key keyboard applications. But the keyboard applications are very popular. In 2016, 20 countries had declared them the best application.

According to the report, gaming apps transfer user information, such as Google email account, screen size, android version, device and model of the device. According to the report, Google has notified this matter, Google will investigate further.

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