Growing facial pores – facial protection

Women who seek the services of a beauty parlor to get rid of the black and white heads on their face are more likely to be affected by such a situation as the beauticians in the beauty parlors have excessive pores. (Heads) because of which the pores begin to open and grow slowly.
Clearing blackheads and whiteheads at home with the same precaution as beauty parlors would certainly be a harmless process.
Take a good quality blackhead remover to clean black and white heads at home and wash your hands and blackhead remover with spirits and disinfect it.

Cleanse your face with a standard cleansing cream, lotion and after massaging well with moisturizing cream, lotion, steam on the face for about 10 minutes.

This process will easily soften and exfoliate the black and white heads on your face which can be easily removed.
But when removing black, whiteheads, never try to force your nails or blackhead remover into your skin. After the face is dry, prepare a mask by mixing sandalwood paste and a teaspoon of yogurt in Multani mud and apply this mask on the face and after 10 minutes gently wipe the face with a piece of wet sponge or soft towel.

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