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A guide on how to eat fruit properly

Proper fruit consumption allows our body to utilize all the beneficial nutrients these sweet and fleshy products contain. So what is right and what is wrong when we are talking about fruit consumption?

We should start with the scientifically proven fact that the fruit does not stay in our organisms for long. This means that you shouldn’t eat fruit with another food, or consume it right after a meal. The most important rule of eating fruit is to take it on an empty stomach! This way, the effects of organism detoxification are maximized. A large amounts of energy is released in our body. This spurt of energy is directed to the elimination of excess weight.


If you eat fruit right after a meal, various problems may occur. For example, if after lunch, you eat a piece of fruit the following negative things may happen:

  • fruit is prevented from passing through the stomach;
  • instead of being digested, the fruit is fermenting, mixing with other foods, starts to decay and releases acid;
  • the proteins rot and the carbohydrates are fermenting;
  • indigestion and nausea are starting, there is weight in the stomach.

What is worst, when eating fruit improperly, on first sight you do not have some dire consequences. But the problems and complications are starting later. The consequences are numerous diseases.

Never eat fruit:

  • with other ingredients (except apples and carrots);
  • do not combine fruits with unsprouted grains, because it causes fermentation in the digestive organs;
  • do not eat fruit with a meal or as a dessert (wait at least 20 minutes before a meal and 2 hours after a meal);
  • try to avoid sour fruits in large quantities.

The fruit should always be consumed fresh, raw and on an empty stomach.


Some useful advice’s on fruit consumption:

  • do not eat fruit after a meal – eat it on an empty stomach;
  • if you eat fruit the right way, you will discover the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and have normal weight;
  • fruit is mixed with other foods is decaying and produces gases;
  • eating the whole fruit is better than drinking the juice. If you decide to drink juice, it should be juice from fresh fruit. Drink the juice slowly, sip by sip, because you have to mix it with saliva before swallowing;
  • every third day you can eat only fruit in order to clean your body from toxins.

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