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It is a fact that hair is adorned on the head of women like a beautiful crown. That is why women also seem to take special interest in the most important and basic item of their beauty accessories, namely, to refine, trim and handle their hair and In this case, our poets are no less than anyone. Sometimes they liken these hairs to black clouds, sometimes they remind them of a snake eating a bill and some of them feel like a dark shadow. But after listening to all these hymns in the glory of hair, when your eyes fall on your lifeless and dull hair, you are left with a helpless sigh and think that you have given your hair the look of silky and thick hair. What effective strategy to adopt?

Follow the tips below to give your lifeless hair and lifeless hair a silky softness and smoothness.

Conditioning restores the shine of hair!

The egg acts as an excellent conditioner because our hair follicles are naturally made of protein and the large amount of protein contained in the egg nourishes the hair and gives new life to the hair.
It helps to make hair shiny and soft and gives it strength. If eggs are mixed with coconut oil or olive oil and applied on the hair, the results are more promising.
The mixture of honey, banana and milk acts as an excellent natural conditioner and gives a new shine and freshness to the hair.
The use of yogurt as a hair mask deeply conditions the hair.
After applying it on the hair for half an hour, wash the hair with a moisturizing shampoo and feel the softness and shine of the hair yourself.
To protect this beautiful crown on your head, choose shampoo and conditioner very carefully and wisely. To improve the quality of hair, eat a healthy and balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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