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Beautiful hands, feet make the personality of women four moons and make them attractive. Along with the beauty of the face, the beauty of the feet is also important. The skin of the hands is very sensitive. When the weather is changing, More care than usual is required as the effects of weather affect their beauty. Therefore, pay special attention to the beauty of hands and feet.
Always use cold cream or moisturizing cream before washing hands and feet. Apply lemon juice on hands and feet twice a week. Wash hands and feet with plain water for ten minutes and then apply lotion on hands and feet. Whenever you have the opportunity, move your fingers and toes as if you were typing.

This exercise is best and useful for maintaining the flexibility of hands and feet.

Applying potato or lemon slices on the hands and nails to remove stains on hands and nails Rubbing wax on the nails causes blood to flow which causes redness and shine in the nails. Due to lack of time for women Also ignore the feet which makes the beauty of the hands meaningless so it is important for women to clean the edges of the nails after washing the hands and feet and make sure that the nails The nails are perfectly clean. Also, whenever you have time, you can find white iodine on your hands. For better growth of nails, it is necessary to clean them weekly. It is very important to give an elliptical shape so that dust and dirt do not get inside them and nails remain free from germs.

Almond and olive oil removes dark lines on the hands and keeps them soft and supple Mix glycerin, rose water and lemon juice and apply at night to cure it. In a few days you will see a clear difference.

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