Have You Been A Victim Of Professional Ghosting? You Probably Have!

I can recount about five instances when I’ve met a seemingly decent guy. I get excited, tell all my friends about him, just to never hear from him again. Ghosting is a cruel reality, but it’s something that most millennials have learned to deal with.
You’d think ghosting would only live in the romance sector your life, but in the digital age, ghosting has begun spreading to other parts of adult life. Yeah, I’m talking about the job hunt!
This has probably happened to most of us, remember that interview you went on that went extraordinarily well? You and the hiring manager graduated from the same college, and made it seem like you were a shoe in for the position. You went out and bought an entirely new office casual wardrobe, just to never hear from the hiring manager again.
You my friend are a victim of professional ghosting, but you’re not alone. Professional ghosting has been happening more frequently than ever before, here are some reasons why.
  • You didn’t show enough interest.
  • You didn’t follow up.
  • They forgot about you.
  • They offered the position to someone else.
So how can you combat professional ghosting? You can try to:

Become an expert on company X.

Research everything there is to know about the company. Look through their social media accounts, learn the CEO’s name, do anything to make you a whiz kid on company X.

Send a considerate follow up email.

Show your gratitude, and your interest, by following up with a nice email. It not only makes you seem profesh, it also make you memorable. Always mention you’ll be expecting to hear from them soon.

Make yourself memorable.

Remember what I said about the followup email? If after the first followup correspondence you don’t hear anything back, don’t fret. Give it another week and try again. You have nothing to lose, but always remember always be professional and don’t be too much of a nagger.
If the position is offered to someone else, there really isn’t much you can do about that. Just keep looking and don’t get discouraged by professional ghosting.

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