Health Benefits of Aloo Bukhara And Its Side Effects

In the summer season, where the king of fruits reigns in houses and markets, other fruits such as apricots, peaches, bananas, cherries, watermelons, summer, lychees and aloe vera are also seen in Brahman. Every fruit of the season should be used as needed.
Aloo Bukhara is a brightly colored and delicious fruit. It is a combination of slightly sour and sweet.

In the past, this fruit used to come from Afghanistan, but now in the northern areas of our country and in the green fields of Quetta and Balochistan, orchards of this fruit can be seen. There are also extensive orchards in the central part of Punjab.
According to ancient medicine, the temperament of aloe vera is colder in the second degree.

It does not cause bloating in the stomach. It causes hunger. It quenches the unnatural thirst and also eliminates heartburn and tightness immediately. In summer fever which is also called malaria, the taste in the mouth of the patient is bad. There is also intense thirst. The throat is dry. Aloo Bukhara is a blessing from God in this condition. Aloo Bukhara sauce is usually prepared from dried Aloo Bukhara.
Its usefulness is also certain. This delicious and delicious sauce proves to be the best food and medicine in bile mood. It increases appetite and digests food.

Fresh aloe vera relieves chronic constipation. Raw lassi is also used after eating mango and there is no better food than aloe vera to relieve the heat of mango. See the wisdom of nature that mango and aloe vera are in the same season. Are the fruits of
If mango increases blood flow and also creates heat, then Aloo Bukhara moderates this heat and does not allow the amount of sugar in the body to increase.
In case of blisters in the mouth, it is beneficial to eat aloe vera. We apply ointment on these blisters and eat folic acid. This is also true and if aloe vera is eaten, it also gives relief. The usefulness of is also recognized.

You may have seen it sold in hot weather. Both of these ingredients naturally quench thirst.
This fruit is rich in Ferulic Acid which protects the body against gastrointestinal and intestinal cancers as well as Tannine in potato which has the power to kill the bacteria found in the bladder. Fruits are rich in vitamins C, E, iron and potassium. 100 grams of potato also contains 197 mg of potassium and 3 grams of dietary fiber.

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