Heartwarming Video Of Baby Hearing For First Time

Well guys, I just watched this video and, I have to admit, it made my day. It is a video that shows an 8 months old baby boy’s reaction to being able to hear again. Here, just watch the damn video. You’ll have to punch a kitty to feel manly again, I guarantee it! 😉

Isn’t that the cutest baby boy ever? His reaction to the activation of that Cochlear implant is priceless. His face turns to “supper happy mode” at the very moment he heard his mother’s voice. It was an amazing sight to see.

Source: Zoot Cadillac

The boy became deaf after contracting bacterial meningitis when he was 4 months old. His parents were given a choice as the disease rapidly ossified his cochlear and would have made him irreversibly deaf within weeks.

Luckily, everything ended up okay as the boy is now safe and sound (literally). This video shows us the true look of happiness. The boy’s facial expression when he his mother’s voice is just AMAZING. And the way he smiled at her shortly after….. He’s just so cute. Well guys, that’s about it, I’m off to watch some cat videos.

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