Hilarious Mortal Kombat Prank

Written by baze 2shot

As far as prank videos go, this one is actually pretty creative.

A man dressed as fan favorite Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero stands in an elevator waiting for unsuspecting victims to board and then initiates a “fight” with the confused bystanders.

The attention to detail in his fighting moves, mimicking the default animations from the game, really sells the video. Having the announcer for the game play through the speakers was also a great touch that added a whole other level of surrealism to the stunt.

Source: fouseyTUBE

A personal highlight of the video is the man at around the 1:30 mark who decides the best course of action is to recoil and then politely shrug in confusion.

Runner up goes to the guy who immediately went into what appears to be a fairly well trained fighting stance, prompting the masked pranker to cut his act short to avoid getting first round KO’d.

Hopefully the guy didn’t know the right fatality combo, otherwise this could have been a very different kind of video. Check out all the other crazy reactions and defense mechanisms below.


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