Hot chocolate with red wine – the ultimate winter drink

We believe its already cold and depressing enough for the kind of drinks that will warm and cheer you up.

Kylie Mitchell, the famous food blogger also known as “imaaEATthat”, has merged two things we adore – chocolate and wine – into delicious hot beverage that’s gonna warm you up during the cold winter months.

For the recipe you will need only 3 ingredients: dark chocolate, milk and red wine (her recommendation is Cabernet Sauvignon).


Preparing: melt 60 grams of dark chocolate into 350 ml of milk, thus establishing the basis of the warm chocolate. Then add the mixture in 250 ml of red wine and continue stirring until until you have smooth mixture.

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The Internet went crazy for this recipe and many bloggers publish daily pictures of their versions of this drink (some of them are including marshmallow and cinnamon sticks).


Author: baze 2shot

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