How About a Monkey For A Bath Toy?

Forget those old yellow rubber ducks and bubble baths, look at this little guy who is joined by a freaking monkey for bath time.

So basically guys, that monkey is taking a casual bath with a young boy and he seems to be having the time of his life. He even holds his breath a couple of times and dives underwater. Everything  he does in that bath tub is just so cute and it makes us wonder how much does a monkey like that cost in the pet store.

Apparently, his/her name is Nala and the person who put this video on youtube claimed that he/she is not a pet and is one of the monkeys from the sanctuary.

It is well known that all monkeys like water (well, to be honest, most of them like mud over water), but Nala just loves it, I mean just look at her…. S/he looks so happy while swimming around and it is just too cute to be true.

That kid is one lucky lad. I am sure most of you would like to switch places with him and enjoy a nice little bubbly bath with Nala.

Author: baze 2shot

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