How Are These Phobias Even Real?!?!

10. Ablutphobia


Usually kids wouldn’t want to listen to their mom when they are told to take a bath. The kids might have a good solid reason to not bath and the reason would not be laziness. Instead, they could be suffering from Ablutphobia, the fear of bathing, washing or cleaning.

 9. Ambulophobia


If you ever fall down a tree, you might swear to yourself that you would never climb up one again because of the fear of falling down. But what if you fall down while walking? You might never want to ever move your legs again, well, because you are afraid to fall. Ambulophobia is the fear of walking that can be associated with the fear of loss of control.

8. Astrophobia


Astrophobia or the fear of stars of celestial space can take a different meaning depending on the individual. Most people would linked astrophobia with the fear of aliens. For some, the idea of travelling into the vast outer space can cause them to have fear of being alone in the cold, dark and empty space.

7. Bibliophobia


You’re a teacher and you noticed that one of your students keep on forgetting to do his/her book-reading assignment. He/She might have Bibliophobia, the fear of books especially those with long texts.

6. Bromidrophobia


Ever wonder why you hate the fact that your nose twitch so badly every single time you enter the gym changing room and you begin rebuking that place? Bromidrophobia, the fear of body odor could be the answer to that unpleasantness.

5. Cibophobia

Bad Food

That burger, fries and coke look so good, tasty and cheap but it cause you to be sick just by the sight of it? Cibophobics are usually linked to being anorexic due to their behavior towards avoiding themselves from eating certain type of food.

4. Clinophobia


It’s already 2 a.m. but you are still awake with the lights switched on. Your bed is lying on the other side of the room and you keep starring at it from your couch because you are afraid to go to bed.

3. Gnosiophobia


Albert Einstein, Isaac Newtoon, Stephen Hawkings. I couldn’t imagine what the world would be if these individuals suffer from Gnosiophobia, the fear of knowledge.

2. Gymnophobia

Nude Fear

It is obvious that some Germans do not suffer from Gymnophobia when they decided to legalize FKK (their version of nudity beaches). Gymnophobics fear of being nude.

1. Eurotophobia

Fear Of Vagina

It sounds too absurd to be true. But apparently the fear of female genitalia a.k.a Eurotophobia might be preventing me from enjoying the pleasure of playing with my girlfriend’s ‘little kitten’ that is hiding behind a ‘bush’.

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