How Delivery Men Really Feel About Your Package

Have you guys ever wondered how do UPS and Fedex employers pack your belongings? Come on, of course you have! 🙂 This video will show you that you should not trust their advertisements anymore. This is just bad guys, you must watch this video:

Source: GLMGroupVideo

Well, at least we now know who will not get the Employee of the Month award. Hint – it won’t go to these guys for sure. Just look at how they treat those packages. They throw them around like it’s garbage.

They really remind us of that Angry Garbage Man video that we talked about few days ago. What makes this video even more serious is the fact that this time it’s not just trash cans that are getting tossed around. These people throw people’s packages which can contain expensive items…. Looks like the angry garbage man didn’t do as bad as these guys. This is just awful.

Let’s get back to this video. We must say that these employees are just awfully bad. We are not sure if they even know what kind of problems their work behavior can cause. Those packages which they are so negligently tossing into those trucks can contain really valuable stuff such as smartphones and tablets, and we all know those are quite expensive and really easy to break. We just wonder did they get fired after their superiors saw this video (if their superiors even saw it).

This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. We hope they got fired as soon as the video came out. Shame on you, USP guys. SHAME ON YOU!!

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