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works automatically without the intervention of the Administration and other persons.
1.1.1 The proj
ect commission for withdrawing funds is 0% of the amount withdrawn by the user (Payeer commission).
1.1.2 Withdrawal of funds without restrictions, if the balance is more than 1 rub.
1.2 By registering in our system, you agree to these rules in full.
1.3 The administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this system.
1.4 At the time of registration, the user must be at least 18 years old from the date of his birth.
1.5 Our service does not conduct any secondary activities with the investments of its users and does not expose them to appropriate risks.

The user has the right:
2.1 To buy speed on his balance.
2.2 To inform and attract new members to the system by various advertising methods (sites, forum topics, social networks, etc.).
2.3 Send your wishes and feedback to the System in order to improve the service of the System.

The user undertakes
2.4 to comply with these rules in full.
2.5 Carefully read the terms of crediting and payments.
2.6 Do not mislead the System Administration by providing false information.
2.7 At least once every three days, familiarize yourself with these rules again.
2.8 If you find any malfunctions, or some errors in the site script, report to the support service.
2.9 Do not attempt to hack the site and do not use possible errors in scripts. When trying to hack, the administration has every right to delete, block or fine the user.
2.10 Do not publish offensive messages, defamation and other types of messages that spoil the reputation of the system or its users.
2.11 Do not create chains of 2 or more successive registrations in order to repeatedly receive ref. bonuses from each of the payments. If such chains are found, the administration has every right to remove, block or fine the user.

Obligations and rights of the administration
3.1 If users ignore these rules, the administration reserves the right to delete, block or fine the user’s account without warning and without giving reasons.
3.2 The administration can make changes to these rules without warning users.
3.3 If the user wrote false data in the registration, then the administration has the full right to delete, block or fine him without warning and not pay money until the data in the profile is corrected.
3.4 Letters sent to the administration with obscene content, offensive or threatening will be ignored and users deleted.
3.5 If you try to mislead the administration (deception), measures will be taken to delete, block or fine the account.
3.6 The Administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information of the registered user received from him during registration.
3.7 The administration is not responsible for possible hacking of accounts. To avoid hacking, you must use complex passwords.
3.8 The administration is not responsible for possible losses as a result of the system crash.
3.9 The administration has the right to restart the service with zeroing of any credentials when the system account balance reaches zero.
3.10 In case of refusal to accept the new rules, the administration reserves the right to deny the user further participation in our service.
3.11 Official news related to the project are only news published on this site.

4.1 Users can make a deposit of 10 rubles or more using the Payeer payment system.
4.2 The list of payment systems with which you can deposit and withdraw funds can be adjusted by the administration.
4.3 Funds are withdrawn automatically. If the client provides inaccurate, incomplete data on the withdrawal system, the withdrawal does not occur, and the withdrawal request is rejected until all inaccuracies and data are corrected or clarified.
4.4 Applications for withdrawal of funds are accepted around the clock. 4.5 Orders for withdrawal of funds are carried out with a delay of up to 60 minutes.

5.1 The Administration DOES NOT GUARANTEE the return of the money invested, you make your contributions at your own peril and risk. We strongly recommend that you only invest the amounts that you can afford to lose.
5.2 The administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service.
5.3 The administration is not responsible for possible losses as a result of system shutdown. The resource does not accumulate the money supply, it redistributes it among the participants, if the flow of newly received money decreases, then payments to the participants will automatically decrease.
5.4 The Administration does not send users unsubstantiated electronic or other messages (spam).
5.5 The Administration is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the work of the Project, for temporary failures and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar failures, as well as for problems with the computer from which the User accesses the Internet.
5.6 The Administration is not responsible to the User for the actions of other Users.
5.7 By registering, you agree to the terms of this agreement.
5.8 All possible claims and feedback on the functioning of the system should be sent to the official email address of the project.
5.9 This website, including all information and materials provided on this website, is provided “as is”, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or no errors.
This site is not intended to provide any tax, legal, insurance or investment advice, and nothing on this site should be construed as a recommendation, by us or any third party, to acquire or dispose of any investment.

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