How Make The Goddess Faux Locks As Seen on Tyra banks

Seen this hairstyle on celebrity recently? Its for a reason…

The goddess locks is fast becoming the most popular hairstyle on celebrities who love natural hair. What I love about this style is that it features a softer, more realistic look. The style gives bohemian flair with wavy tendrils at the ends.

Dr. Kari shares her technique and sells a Goddess faux locs Kit that includes human hair.

If going to a stylist isn’t an option or your budget is limited, consider these tutorials on how to create a similar look with synthetic extensions:

Clarissa’s Synthetic Hair DIY Goddess Faux Locs

In this tutorial, Clarissa shares how replicated the look of Dr. Kari’s Goddess faux locs. Her biggest secret — using nail glue to seal the ends!

Hair Used:

5  Color 1B Marley hair ($4.99 p/p)
3  Freetress Brand Hair ($5.99 p/p)
2  Deep Curl
1  Loose Deep curl

Donedo’s Synthetic Hair Goddess Faux Locs

Donedo achieves this look with Freetress Deep Twist hair and Armours Marley Twist Hair.

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Who else want to try this hairstyle from home?

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