How strokes affect women?

Women have a high chance of dying from a stroke known as stroke.The mortality rate for women regarding cerebrovascular stroke, exceeds twice the breast cancer. In this article we will see how strokes affect women, this is something you should know because it can affect you or someone who is close to you.
The risk for a stroke can occur by hormones, overweight, migraines or being pregnant. Below we detail some of each situation so that you understand why they are considered risk factors.


In this case, it refers to birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy during menopause. Both are considered risky factors for strokes.

Excess weight


Fat located in the belly is considered up to 5 times more risky.Especially when it combined with the fat found in the blood, called triglycerides. Be careful not to have fat in that area to prevent stroke.


Itself as women, tend to suffer more from headaches compared to men. So if you also have migraines, you have 3 to 6 times more likely to cause a stroke compared to women who do not have this problem.


During pregnancy can increase blood pressure, thus producing a higher risk of stroke. Performs much more frequent and detailed controls at this stage, because of the sensitivity of the matter.
During these stages or situations you must pay close attention to not suffer this consequence. The symptoms that women are very different to male symptoms: pain is not only what the difference, but also the woman may experience nausea, palpitations or chest pains. Roughly speaking, doctors are those who recognize the symptoms and can tell you what is happening, which is why you should attend regularly to make you the necessary studies and certify that everything is working as it should.
Because as women have a higher risk of having a stroke, it is very important to have regular medical check and not downplaying the issue. This was the information about how strokes affect women : Let’s Prevent problems before they arise and care to the people we have around us, telling them what the problem is and how it can and should detect it .
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