How To Become A Successful Blogger

You are a blogger or just want to start a blog?
you think blogging is all about writing and
writing?Blogging is a journey in which one fails or succeed it shows how committed you are if you want to be a successful blogger But have you ever thought of what it
takes to be a successful blogger?T hey are lots of
things you need to know if you want to be a
successful blogger things like passion,dedication
and hardworking.
Many people try to make money from
blogging but only few of them are
successful,blogging is one of the fastest online
business to make money from it needs lots of
hardwork,research and long working hours.Am
basically going to discus about 7 factors that will
make you to be more successful in blogging.
1.Consistency-Consistency in blogging is one of
the most important criteria,in the sense that you
must blog often,be trusted and reliable.You
need to be consistent,that means being the first
to post a trending post and always keeping it has an advantage on its own,it will
increase your site pageviews.
2.Right Niche-What is your blog niche?it can be
anything you blog about but are you in the right
niche?food for thought,if the answer is
“NO”,then blog about what you love doing,it can
be hobby like:Animals you
love,politics,dailylife,fashion and love.
3.Blog forum-if you want to get real attention to
your blog,try join blog forums or communities
related to your blog niche you might get it all
wrong if you are an entertainment blogger and
your are in business forum isn’t that awkward?
Be in the right forum that will drive much
traffic to your site.
4.Uniqueness/Originality:Most upcoming
bloggers might find it a bit difficult to write a
quality content for their new site/blog they will
keep on copying and pasting other blogger’s
Try to be a unique and original with your
content write those things that cant be found on
any blog,you have a writing skills develop it.If
you create original content you will have a
better high ranking in search engines like
Google,Yahoo and Bing because search engines
are getting smarter everyday if they find out
that you bog contains copyrighted materials
they will neglect your site.
5.Advertisement:Post about your articles on
forums.send them emails,create facebook ad or
Google adwords to attract more readers to your
6.Be connected:If you really want to create
room for communication between you and your
readers try placing social media follow buttons
on you author profile.
7.Discipline:Being disciplined in blogging has
alots of role to play in the life of a blogger not
only bloggers can be disciplined a
child,student,an employee or worker equally
needs disciplined but a blogger needs to be
more disciplined.A blogger should work with
time that is on when to blog and how to
schedule your blog post,you dont have to be on
your desktop or PC everyday most successful
bloggers dont blog everyday.
8.Motivation:They are times that i felt like
quitting blogging because from the
discouragement from different angles.This is
indeed the time I held on never to give up on
blogging,once your site gets in the
spotlight,things will go smooth for you.
Be a good communicator

Guest post on other popular blog

Not just publish,promote your content as well

Pay attention to SEO(Search Engine

Optimization),if you are not an expert find a

SEO optimizer

Encourage users to leave a comment on your


Give out freebies such as free ebook

Learn from probloggers
    Be a creative person
    Start with a good idea
    ond to your readers comments

    Schedule your blog posting
Never compare yourself to probloggers they

have being in blogging before you

Your post should be a problem solver for your


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