How to become a wellness coach

Good coaches are best practicers. A wellness coach is one who tends to lecture people on physical well being and Health maintenance, it is very much different from being a Health officer or some sort of a Medical expert like a doctor or a Nurse. A wellness coach dwells on the physiological aspect of Health, he understands the ethics of healthy living, carries out further research on orientations that could boost physical health as well as extend longevity while also carrying out conscious practicality of these ideas to see their effectivity.

Most times, the ideas of a wellness coach are not medically founded though there are times when they could be. However, his principles are never in conflict with medical therapies.
In the West, it is a rampant practice, there are so many engaged professionals but in Nigeria, it’s relevance is not very obvious which suggests that becoming a wellness coach and working very hard to build your brand and create a lasting impression could make a big difference.

Now, what are the few steps to take while wanting to become a wellness coach in Nigeria?

1… Be Health-conscious
Being health-conscious refers to being very much concerned about health that the slightest headache sees you looking for remedies quick. One good quote says “Health is wealth”. Understand the relationship between health and wealth, this would make it obvious to you that health should never be tampered with. When you’re health conscious, you can be in a much better position to coach people on healthy living.

2… Be a good researcher
Information is knowledge, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Read wide, study wide. If you do not have sufficient knowledge, you do not have enough to give and you cannot advise anyone better. You do not have theories talk less of practical ideas. Google and Wikipedia has every information one desires to access, it’s all about just what you want. Research on topics related to well being, physical well being and emotional well being, depending on what exactly you have passion for you could still desire to be keen at spiritual well being, it’s all up to you.

3… Be acquainted with Health therapies
Health therapies relates to all medical practices aimed at both self care, orthodox care and professional care. You need to learn about physical therapies that could assist with so many situations. For instance, you could learn about different foods which a diabetic patient should avoid or activities that could possibly worsen the situation of an asthmatic patient. Here you’re not prescribing drugs, because you do not have the right to, rather you’re suggesting ideas that could help increase the life span or survival of such patients and this helps a lot in the community. Sometimes, doctors do not have time to go through all these with their patients, so the services of you as a wellness coach would be very much indispensable.

4…Make friends with similar-minded people
This assists greatly. In this instance, similar-minded people are people who have the aim and objective of impacting into the physical well being of people in the society. And who are we talking about? Health officers of course!  You’ll need to make friends with quite a lot of them, get close fo them with the aim of learning from them and sure you’d be learning and obtaining life-changing ideas. At the same time, try reaching out more often than not to people who possibly require or have need for your services, being with them is also a good source of inspiration as it inspires you positively.

5… Avoid practices that are detrimental to health
Now this has to do with lifestyle, not just lifestyle in public but private lifestyle as well. As a wellness coach, would it be nice if you were found gay or you engage in Gay activities secretly? Would it be perfect an idea if you had a problem of body odour? Or would it sound very right to your listeners if they found out you smoke or use drugs? Of course we have all answers as NO! If you do indulge in any of these or have a liking for any of these and other healthfully harmful practices, and you really want to become a wellness coach, it is imperative that you quit and live chaste. This isn’t about religion but it’s about your own health first in order to positively inspire the well being of others. Passive smokers suffer more than active smokers and guess what? Passive smokers don’t even smoke, they are the ones who inhale the smokes coming from other people’s cigars and cigarettes without knowing.

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