How to Get a Lady's Attention Wherever You Are

When it comes to getting a girl’s attention, a lot depends on the first impression.


Naturally, men are easily drawn to girls who look physically attractive and have a cheerful aura, this applies to the ladies as well. While stunning looks may not be the sole criteria for a girl to like a guy, appearances do play a big part at the beginning.

How to get a girl’s attention

If you’re walking down a street or sitting in a coffee shop, and a girl walks past you, what are the first few things you notice about her?

You’d obviously notice her face, her body, her outfit and the way she acts. Just like men, girls notice these things too. It’s instinctive, and considering the fact that all a girl can do initially is notice you, she’s bound to judge you based on her sight, at least at first.

So if you want to know how to get a girl’s attention, you need to make sure you’re making a good impression on her. If you can do that, she’d naturally want to see more of you or get your attention too.

How to get a girl’s attention when you don’t know her

If you like a girl and want her attention but you don’t know her yet, here are eight tips that can help you get her attention, flatter her and rouse her interest in you at the same time.

#1. Be charming

You don’t need to charm her just yet. But be charming in your behavior and the way you speak to everyone else. Know your manners, speak with grace and have a warm personality. This is not something you can build in a day, but once you perfect this, you’ll be able to draw any girl to you without even trying.

#2. Don’t be dominated by anyone else

When you’re spending time out with your friends, do your friends ignore you or treat you badly? When you go out with them, do you feel low on confidence because some other guys make all the decisions? Don’t spend time with these guys.

When you’re dominated by some other guy in your group, you’ll look weaker and the girl who’s attention you’re trying to get may be more interested in your dominant friend than you.

It’s obvious. The best girl will want to be with the best guy in the room. If you’re giving another guy that power by letting him walk all over you, you’ll look like the loser while he’ll appear like the alpha male.

#3. Dress well

What’s one of the first things you notice about a girl? It’s what she’s wearing, isn’t it? Just like that, your attire is one of the first things a girl will notice about you. When you look good, all eyes are bound to turn towards you and there’s a better chance of getting a girl’s attention towards you.

#4. Groom yourself

The art of grooming is the thin line separating the average guy from a great guy. Most guys dress well, but they don’t really look or feel like a million bucks. Grooming is to a man what fine tuning is to a car engine. It’s alright by itself, but a few tweaks can make a serious difference.

Use good perfume that smells great on you when you walk past a girl, use fragrant moisturizers and hair products that make you feel rich no matter where you are. Wear a good watch and accessorize your wardrobe without overdoing it. It’s the little details that always differentiate a classy man from the average joe.

#5. Laugh and smile

 Girls are attracted to happy guys. After all, happy guys make great fathers and are more fun. Be cheerful and have a sense of humor. But at the same time, respect yourself and don’t ever let anyone take you for granted. No girl would like a pushover who’s taken lightly by other guys.

#6. Have a good posture

A good posture can add several inches to your height and your confidence. Good posture is a sign of confidence. And girls just love a confident young man! Walk with a naturally straight back and feel powerful from within.

#7. Try to create eye contact

Eye contact can do a lot of great things in a budding romance. It’s the easiest way to get a girl’s attention and yet, play safe without actually walking up to her. If you learn the art of eye contact flirting, you’d be able to make her like you without even saying a word to her!

#8. Find a way to get to know her

As long as you’ve created a perfect first impression on her, she wouldn’t mind exchanging a few glances with you. Look at her now and then, and watch how she behaves. Is she reciprocating your moves? Once you see that she’s responding to your attention, read how to tell if a girl likes you to learn different moves to approach a girl depending on how she behaves around you.


How to get a girl’s attention when you know her already

If you already know the girl you like and want to get her attention, here are four tips you can use to get her attention and make her fall for you.

#1. Compliment her

Good compliments are the way to a girl’s heart. Girls never forget a genuine and appreciative compliment. If you want a girl to think of you, tell her something nice but lace it with a sexual remark.

#2. Be chivalrous around her

Behave like a real man around her. Be dependable and make her feel protected around you. When a girl feels safe around you, she’ll love spending time with you. Just a word of caution, don’t get into her friend zone by accepting all her demands or behaving like a doormat around her. Always respect yourself.

#3. Make her laugh

Build your sense of humor by having a cheerful approach towards life. You don’t have to behave like a clown though. Just be yourself and bring humor out of circumstances around you.

#4. Make her like you without asking her out

 If the vibes are right, don’t ask her out or propose your love for her just yet. When you ask a girl to go out with you, you’re putting her in a spot. And once you pop the question, there is no turning back. If she’s not ready to date you for some reason, she may even end up avoiding you or feeling awkward around you. Instead, focus on making her fall in love with you first.

Once you understand what really matters when it comes to making a great impression, knowing how to get a girl’s attention wherever you are will come naturally, just as long as you remember these tips. All the best!

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